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Sharky & George, Crime Busters Of The Sea! Why The Show Stopped!


Sharky & George were 2 crime fighting detective fish. It was originally name Sharky et Georges because it was a French children's TV cartoon, produced by animation studios CinéGroupe and Label 35 between 1988 and 1992. The series consisted of fifty-two 25 minute episodes, including two 12 minute editions which were sometimes aired separately. The series was later translated into English and shown in the United Kingdom on Channel 4 from 1991 to 1998 and on Cartoon Network from 1995.

Now here's the story behind why the popular TV show had to stop.... Sharky was the grey shark who was the top detective and George was his little confused side kick who swung both ways if you know what I mean! After many crime solving tasks at the bottom of the sea, Sharky decided to go to land with his detective agency, George tried to explain to him that fish can’t breath out of water but Sharky refused to listen and set sail to make his fortune on land and leave poor little George behind! When Sharky went to land, he immediately got stranded and had to be rescued. Instead of admitting defeat, he decided to roam the oceans, all because he didn't want to tell George he was right. He stumbled upon the Artic ocean, where he met up with a whale hunting crew and decided to ask for a job on board the ship. Of course things didn’t work out great and he was made into whale blubber and his teeth were used for those really annoying necklaces with the sharks teeth on them that all the lads wear when they come back from OZ!

Word travelled back to George that Sharky was gone and decided it was time to be true to himself and come out of the closet! He started up his own club in Dublin and named it after himself! He had a great catch phrase to reel in the punters as seen below in the pictures! He lived a full life until one day he was found doing the backstroke in his office. People say he died of natural causes but we all know he died of a broken heart and never really got over his first love, Sharky!



VeryHappyPig gets more and more shocked every time one of these amazing stories lands on my desk! Ok, I might be trying to talk myself up here, I don’t have a desk, I live rough!



Mood Rings.... Now They Were A Great Invention That Worked!


What the hell were these ridiculous rings all about. Imagine people made great money on these false rings! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking, of course, about the one and only “Mood Rings”, the ring which told you what mood you were in! What a load of bull.... sadly alot of people actually believed they worked.

So let me get this straight... your late for work because your car broke down and you had to get a lift off the AA. When you get to work your boss eats the head off you for being late and docs you a days wages. You go to lunch and some little head, with a base ball cap on with the peak of it looking at the sun, decides to rob your phone. Then you get back to work after lunch and your partner rings you at work to say it's over because you never answered her call at lunch time. You finally finish work and miss the last bus home and have to walk home in the pis*ing rain, only to find when you get home you left your house keys at work! You finally take action and decide to break a window to get in, which leaves a major cut on your hand from the broken glass, and find your old faithful goldfish, who you've had for years, doing the backstroke, then you notice your house has been broken into, only to remember you forgot to pay the home insurance polic. Then finally you put the dinner on, which takes two hours to prepare, when you spot on the packet that the chicken your having is actually out of date. Just as your on the point of boiling, the door bell rings and it's the really annoying lad from the radio ads asking for a TV licence that expired yesterday.

After all that, you slip on your 'Mood Ring' to see what mood your in and it turns pink which means your in a calm, happy mood! You then proceed to burst the ring off the wall and shatter it into about 35million pieces which takes you the rest of the night to clean up!



VeryHappyPig used to have 20 of these rings and loved every one of them! They really did work!.... No seriously.. thank god, they out of our lives!



The Trustee Potato Gun! What A Weapon Of War!


Where did these great inventions ever go! The trustee potato gun which never left your side, you were untouchable walking down the road with a spud and a spud-gun! Come across a damsel in distress and act by shooting the bullies with the potato chippings.... or that was the way we would have liked to think they worked! This is what would really happen when the gun was drawn!

First thing in the morning you would leave your house with the spud-gun and potato in hand, full of intensions to save the planet! You would come across you first bully and load the gun up, ready for action! You would point the gun directly at the bully’s leg or some other body part like you saw on a TV show, and you would let him have it! BANG! Now that was not the bang from the gun but the bully after bursting you with your very own potato that fell out of your pocket!

But what went wrong!? Why wasn’t the bully howling in pain! There was a small technical flaw with the spud gun..... you were expecting the potato chip to fire at around 400mph and basically, kill any enemy. But that wasn’t the case, the spud chip would leave the gun at about 1mph and fall directly in front of you! You see this was a kids toy..... unfortunately when we were kids, we were expecting a weapon of mass destruction when we saw the word GUN!

Then you would go home to tell your mother about the faulty gun and the second BANG would appear! That bang would be the sound of your loving mother giving you a clatter for taking the spuds that were meant to be for the dinner!



VeryHappyPig would advise everyone to purchase one of these spud-guns for their own protection! Actually, don’t bother!



Knight Rider! When Kit Met The NCT!! Shocking!


Knight Rider is an American television series that originally ran from September 26, 1982 to August 8, 1986. The series was broadcast on NBC and starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a high-tech modern-day knight fighting crime. Michael Knight drove a sentient talking car with artificial intelligence. Conceived and produced by Glen A. Larson, the show was an instant hit. "I wanted to do The Lone Ranger with a car", Larson said in The Last Great Ride. "Kind of a sci-fi thing, with the soul of a western." It was a great show alright but it had to end when the Government brought in the National Car Test(NCT)!

After doing the very popular series for years, Michael Knight and his car had to split ways after Kit failed the NCT on many occasions. The NCT report said that Kit was crashed too many times and a talking car was just not going to pass the rigorous test! The shows producers said it would cost too much for the talking car to be repaired so they decided to send it to the scrap heap instead!

But there was only one problem, they never told Michael, who had some sort of a weird love affair with the car and tried to impress it for years by wearing ball crushing jeans, which stopped the blood circulation in his body, and a constant Top of the Pops perm! Many thought Michael did one to many sun beds but that was not the case at all, it was the jeans he used to wear which discolored his body as no blood flowed past his belt!

Michael/The Hoff took the news very bad and went on the piss and was seen on YouTube eating cheese burgers off the ground while highly intoxicated! Michael/The Hoff did pick himself up but people said he was never the same after it! The shocking video is up on our very best YouTube section and you can view it for yourself! This is a truly shocking story but as usual we're here to tell you what really went on!



VeryHappyPig loved Knight Rider but always knew it would end up like this! Them jeans were just too damn tight on him and that perm was just too damn perfect!



Bananas In Pyjamas, The Real Story Behind The Yellow Freaks!


Bananas In Pyjamas was a kids TV programme which aired between the 1980’s and 1990's, it was basically another educational programme for kids but we got the inside story about where the bananas actually ended up and what really went on behind the scenes!

As we all know bananas are an exotic fruit which have a short life span before becoming rotten, so that was a big problem for the show. The most amazing thing about the show was every episode had a different set of bananas, as they went bad very quickly with the heat of the lights, stress of being on TV etc.! So there was actually 100’s and 1000’s of banana stars! Now we all ask what happened to the bananas when they turned rotten after the show and it remained a mystery for years.... but we have just bought the rights to tell you what happened!

About 30% of the star bananas ended up on breakfast cereals, 40% of the bananas were sold to a local fruit smoothie stand that had a deal done with the producers of the show, 20% were just so rotten that they went to the dump but what happened the final 10% is the most shocking. They were sold as toys, not kids toys mind you but adult toys. You have to admit they did look remarkably like dildos in pyjamas.... and would you believe, people went crazy to own their very own TV star for their bedroom! Some say it was a bit freaky but others say the bananas saved their marriages! So there you go, bet you would have never imagined what was really going on but we're here as a public service announcers to bring you exclusive, behind the scenes interviews! And they are shocking, totally shocking!



VeryHappyPig used to like the bananas before he found out about this story..... remember a pig never lies. Well, he might only lie between 12am to 11.59pm Thursday to Wednesday!



Rainbow, The 1970’s Kids TV Show, The Inside Story!


Rainbow was a kids TV show that blasted on to our screens in the 1970’s and it was basically a man called Jeffery who lived with a bear with a huge head called “Bungle”, a pink transvestite hippo named “George” and some sort of a weird space alien with a zip across his face called “Zippy”, The show was very popular, it was basically like Bosco but just bette., It was a favourite of mine for years, I would have loved to work on the show or so I thought until I got exclusive access to what really went on behind the scenes.... And of course I am here to bring it to you!

Well, here's how the story behind the scenes really started! Jeffery was out on a hunting holiday one day and came across a bear named Bungle and decided to spare his life if he agreed to do a show with him.... and also do a few other things we won’t go in to! Bungle agreed to do the show to spare his life but never knew what Jeffery really wanted! Jeffery was hiding a dark secret, he was into some weird sh*t! He was into pink transvestite hippos with mens names, so that's where “George” came from! He was also into brown aliens with a gimp past, so that's where “Zippy” came from! He was also into wearing the tightest green bell bottom jeans he could find. All was going well on the show for years but then one day Bungle snapped and his bear instincts came out, he freaked out live on set and mauled Jeffery, George tried to stop Bungle by throwing one of his stilettos at Bungle. The stiletto hit Bungle on the back of the head causing him to freak out completely and maul George as well! Thankfully someone zipped across Zippy’s weird face zip before the fight so he could say nothing and was saved. Jeffery and George were brought straight to hospital where they both recovered but Jeffery’s secret was out!

George received the full sex operation when he was in hospital and is now Georgina, Jeffery is now serving time in a local jail, Bungle and Zippy are best mates and live together and can be often seen twisted in Irish pubs.... some say they are even dating one another. When we caught up with them they exclusively told us that they set a date and guess what, George or Georgina is to be bridesmaid for Zippy! Wow, it just goes to show that elastic will only stretch so far before snapping!



VeryHappyPig says this is one of the few stories that has shocked us here! Shocking stuff altogether! Lesson to be learned here, bears are not pets, they should be left in the wild! So all you kids that got bears for Christmas... put them back! And don’t ever get involved with Transvestite Hippos!



Sesame Street The Real Story!!


Sesame Street is an American educational children's television series and a pioneer of the contemporary educational television standard, combining both education and entertainment. Sesame Street is well known for its muppet characters created by Jim Henson. It premiered on November 10, 1969, and is the longest running children's program on American television. Now that’s all well and good but what actually went on behind the scenes will shock you and the world so buckle your seatbelts and set your mind to shocked!

The famous vampire Count(the lad who every time he said a number, he laughed) had a weird obsession with Mrs. Piggy. They dated for a few months until a young green handsome journalist called Kermit moved in on the scene and sweeped Miss Piggy off her feet. When the Count found out about the sleazy affair, he went on the pi*s(as you do) and ended up slaying most of the original cast. He went on to date big bird and again fell in love. However, when the poor count found out that big bird was a pre-op transsexual, again he went on the sauce doing a few slayings here and there! In front of the camera, he looked happy and normal but inside, he was in bits! He then met two young bucks called Ernie and Bert.... he thought these lads were the poodle privates until a drug bust on set found that the lads were using the poor count as a drug mule! He went his own way and is now said to be sticking with producing instead of starring on television. Mrs. Piggy and Kermit got married and now have several weird frog/pig kids, Ernie and Bert are doing a hard 20 in the local jail! Big Bird is now post-op and is said to be hanging around street corners all over the states looking for business.... but amazingly she is in a steady relationship with a man! Imagine! See all that looks great on the outside, acn be very different on the inside!



VeryHappyPig has many more of these sordid stories about the Sesame Street gang and we will be bringing you these tales in the near future! Oh and try saying “Poor Count” over and over, really fast!



Mothers Screaming From Houses! Why Did It Stop!


Now that we're in a world where if you want your kids to come in, you text them or phone them or even email them! But not when the pig was growing up, the only way your mother could get you in for your dinner is to stand at the hall door and roar at the top of her voice! And if you heard her roaring your name, you would go running to the house for your own health and safety! The call would start like this “Piggy come in your dinner”, after about 5 minutes your lovely mother would roar again, this time just a bit louder! “Piggy your dinner is ready”! With no response from the kid she’s calling, now it gets dangerous!

Call number three would be like a Banshees roar! "Piggy you get in to this house right now or your dinner will be in the dog and you will be going to bed with a red arse and your going to be grounded for a month with no TV so get your fat head in here now before I have to find you and bait you!" If there was a fourth call, forget about going home, just go to the local docks, get the next ferry off the island and get as far away from her as you can! We miss the mothers calls from the hall doors but we don’t miss the beating you'd get if you didn’t respond..... but still you do miss hearing the roars of her!



VeryHappyPig always found it a bit funny to watch a mother reach 150degrees while calling her little bundles of joy!



Rip Van Winkle, The Man Who Slept For 20 Odd Years! CockTail!


This was a weird, short story by the American author Washington Irving, published in 1809 and basically about a bearded weirdo who falls out with his wife, decides to roam up to the hills and falls asleep for twenty years! As you do! But again, we here at VeryHappyPig have the inside story and are prepared to blast it straight onto your screens! And here’s how the real story goes!

Rip Van Winkle was a serious party animal and after one of his late nights out, he arrived home at about 8 in the morning, smelling of cheap perfume. As hygiene was not a top priority for the bearded freak, he thought he would get away with it! But there were no flies on his wife “Pip” and she got a whiff of the perfume over his own pungent smell! Pip was sick of Rip anyway and decided to make him up a cup of tea with a cocktail of Valiumm, Gin and Prozac in it. After Rip drank the tea, he the received a nice smack across the back of the head from Pips rolling pin. She then dragged his cheating carcass up to the mountains and left him there!

Rip woke up 20 years later, hungry and very hung over and decided to return to his home town. When the story broke, Rip was called a liar and burned at the stake!

There is a moral to this story though..... “If you bought a woman for a Eejit you wouldn’t be long bringing her back”!



VeryHappyPig can’t believe this story! But we go to every length possible to bring you the truth! Well, a sort of truth anyway!



A Snowball With A Stone In It! Every Emotion Hits You!


With the snow beating off the window.... it just reminds me of when we were kids and getting a snowball lobbed at you.... and you thinking it's just your so called friends throwing the ball until the strike happens and you find that some smartarse put a stone in it!! By God, the crack of the ball would send you into a paralysed state and you would go through every painful emotion imaginable!

The first emotion of seeing the stone ball coming at you is the joy and laughter playing with your friends. Then the second emotion would hit... "sh*t, that hurt, what the hell just hit me and what’s that stinging pain"! The third emotion sets in.... "I wonder if I cry would people think I’m un-cool". Followed quickly by the fourth emotion of "I’m un-cool anyway, let the tears flow"! After about 6 hours of crying, the fifth and final emotion of revenge would take over and by god, that feels damn good!

Basically, the revenge would involve painting a rock white and hurling it at the ass that got you the first time! Now, this isn’t advisable but desperate times, call for desperate measures! What’s six months in Mountjoy when your happy with your revenge!!



VeryHappyPig does not condone any kind of violence! Well sort of or maybe even..... Fight, Fight, Fight! Sorry, I lose the run of myself sometimes, maybe I was hit by one too many stone snowballs!

Oh and don’t ever eat yellow sno..... it doesn’t taste like lemon like I expected!



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