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TK Lemonade!


Coming in about a 60 litre bottle for the same price as a can of 7up, this was Ireland's answer to the Coca-Cola Giants!

The venture fell short in the late 90's but I'm sure if you dig deep into the West of Ireland somewhere you will find a legendary bottle of the Red Stuff!!

Very Happy Pig says this was value for money!





Sunday 8.30pm The Mighty GlenRoe!


Upon the grassie may of the Wicklow mountains stood the sunny side of Glenroe. What a show... What a God Damn show!!

With the best looking cast ever! Forget Desperate Housewives, they were top class. Dinnie, Miley and Biddie were the top dogs of the Irish smash hit! But when they asked for over £1.25 per hour, the show couldn't sustain the Rock and Roll style wages! It was the end of a dream for RTE!!

Very Happy Pig misses Glenroe but still wouldn't mind never seen it again!!





Granny Knickers!


Were not even going to comment on these things!

Just don't do it ever again!!





Stick of Rock!


The holiday-makers favourite gift to rub in your face that they were on holidays and you weren't!

Usually saying the name of the town that was visited on it and always tasting gone off and crap!

Very Happy Pig never wants a Stick of Rock... ever!!





Bagpuss the pink weird cat!


Imagine walking into your house one day after a hard days graph and your extra, superly, morbidly obese pink cat, that talks to mice and wooden crows, was there to greet you!

You'd have to take a few minutes out of your life to assess the situation. Like I want a cat to kill mice, not play with them and whatever else he was doing with them while I was in work... not a big pudgy pink mouse lover with a catchphrase like:
'When Bagpuss goes to sleep all his friends go to sleep!'

Very Happy Pig would have to get this lad put down!





Dr.Martins... Need we say more! Shocking!


Everyone had a pair of these yolk's or at least knew someone that had a pair of them and they still look absolutly sh*t!

They were a statement that you were the person that hates the law and was now above it, and also that you like rock(Trying to blend in with the image!)

My God, they were bad and the Very Happy Pig hopes never to see these things again!

Anyone that had a pair of these including me should hang our heads in serious shame and apologise profusely to anyone that was in your company when you had on the Big. Dr Martins!





Tetris.... the most annoying game ever!


This is a game that one could get hooked on very easy and it is probably the most annoying game ever invented..... and I mean ever!

The sound effects sounded like two cats fighting in a dustbin and the stress this game would bring, could split up any family..

It's thought that 78 percent of married people split in the 1980's because of this game!



Very Happy Pig wants to give any newlyweds some advice and don't buy this game... ever!



Thank god somone got rid of these yolks!


Many a night, after a serious skinful, sneaking through your kitchen, trying to not wake anyone up when the sensor on the singing fish would catch you, screaming out the Elvis Houndog song!

Not only would it wake everyone in a 10 mile radius but it would also scare the sh*t out of ya!

Thank God there finally dead!



Very Happy Pig wants to say that fried plastic singing fish doesn't taste great!



Marathon Bar.... where the hell did it go!


Taking over counters and newsagents in the 80's and 90's, and gone the minute we were coming a bit accustomed to the taste of the choclatie peanutie weird thing.

Ah well, it's probably for the best!



Very Happy Pig wouldn't mind a Marathon bar now but can live without it, I suppose!



1987 Cop of Steal with a difference!


Well the concept was simple, get a cop that was killed, put a steal suit on him with enough amo to blow up a city and get him to catch bad guys.

Like what were we thinking not having a guy like this around.

Very Happy Pig wants to have a pint in a small Clare pub to show him off!




Link : http://images.google.ie/imgres?imgurl=http://www.r


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