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The tongue tingler itself, you can't beat the taste of cheap sweets!


Oh yes, here it is, the bar that caused most of us to loose are first set of teeth... the old cheap Wham bar. Claiming to be "Tongue tingling raspberry flavour".... I wouldn't say there was a raspberry within 20 miles of the factory.. But still she was a necessity in every day life! Very Happy Pig gives this one the hoofs up as well!





Probably the most important retro statement ever!


Here it is... the absolute best thing that blasted in to our lives in the 70's... the one.. the only Raleigh Chopper.. it was the real deal! We all knew and loved them... some of us added little bits and pieces to them... like the chrome bell, the streamers out of the grips, the long flag stick behind the overly long saddle or the light that was run off the wheel. About 90% of us sufffered our first injury on one of these bad boys! This was one of the best choppers ever and the very happy pig wants and need one now!!





Another very odd thing that took over the 1980's!


Now these were very odd... with their weird birthmarks on their bellies that didn't do anything. Although they might have been tattoos who know's?? Who even knew were if they were boys or girls! All I know is that grams bear had a whole lot of kids.. she was a single parent of about 600 kids with not a gramps bear ever seen! Carebears still rock though! Very Happy Pig would like to say fairplay to gramsbear!





A must have for the festive season... essential!!


Well would you look what just popped back into our lives! This is a must have for the jolly season, something we shouldn't do Christmas without. Oh yes, I'm talking about the old reliable... the knitted Christmas jumper that can only be worn on 1 day of the year! Let's embarrass our kids in front of everyone this year, dont mind the designer gear, this is the poodles privites when it comes to fashion! The Very Happy Pig will have one this year!!





White dog poo also known as chalk! What the hell was it!?


Everyone at some stage in their lives will have an experience with white dog poo! Where did it go? Was it some sort of weird albino type of dog that's now extinct which was only lived in the 70, 80 and 90's! When walked on, it didn't cause a mess or much of a smell, it just went to dust! Very Happy Pig wants to know what was it and where the hell did it go!!??





The 1980 Atari ST Technology at its best!


Costing more than a average house at its release, the games taking between 1 to 2 weeks to load and grapics that would take over the world, this was the Poodles Privates. Internet what the hell was the internet! The keyboard was there just for show, it looked damn good and the whole thing was only about the size of a family seven seater..Very Happy Pig wants the atari ST back again!





The old Mobile phone!


One of the heaviest objects known to man, some people will claim that it weighed more than a small child but it was a must have and something you had to be seen with! With call charges of about £10 per second and no text service, the stylish green or orangey-red glow off the screen was an absolute essential! At least you knew you always had it as the right hand side of your jeans were heading towards your knee... belts were a necessity!! 088 bring that number back!! Very Happy Pig wants to know if any of you suffered any medical side effects from the 10 stone brick phone!!





The ultimate Brain freeze king!!


There was only one Brain Freeze king....... Mr.Freeze Jumbo Cool Pops, no one can tell me different!! If I got a pain in my head now that felt like that I would have myself booked in for every type of medical test known to man!! But back then, when we were headin down to the local shop with the 20p in our hand, the brain freeze was just part and parcel of everyday life!! The Very Happy Pig still loves Mr.Freeze and hopes he's still around... if spotted anywhere in the lovely "Emerald Isle" let us know...





Another odd odd odd couple of guys!


Here are two lads that burst onto our screens in the 70,80,and 90's! Very odd pair of lads, like were they brothers? has anyone ever confirmed what they were! What ages were they or were they just out and out lovers? This one is really confusing The Very Happy Pig! If you have any information on these lads please let us know!!





Bosco a bit of a weirdo!


Red haired, squeaky freak with his overly red cheeks that i think was a bit confused about a lot of stuff!! Still we all watched him and loved him even though his intro music was ridiculous! Imagine that tune at half eight on a sunday mornig after a skinful on saturday night!





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